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All visitors to 0AD1 agree that:

  • 0AD1 provides this service to visitors for free, and as such all visitors are volunteers.
  • 0AD1 has no control over any content that is served from an external website.
  • The text entries, and URLs, in the directory database have been written by third parties. 0AD1 makes no warranty, guarantee or promise as to their accuracy or reliability.
  • 0AD1 makes no warranty, guarantee, endorsement or promise in relation to any aspect of a third party service, product, company, other entity or other matter.
  • Visitors have no right of action against 0AD1 or any related entity for any loss or damage suffered as a result of relying on any information contained in this database.
  • 0AD1's Privacy Policy applies to all personal information that is collected off the 0AD1 website.

Linking Policy

0AD1 will NOT link to any website that contains:

  • Pornography or explicit adult themes,
  • Political propaganda,
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminatory content,
  • Illegal material (including, but not limited to, material that contravenes copyright law - e.g. illegal Mp3s, Warez, Serials etc),
  • Spyware or adware, or
  • Slanderous/defamatory content.

This is not an exhaustive list. 0AD1 reserves the exclusive right to determine which websites it will link to. However, 0AD1 will only reject or delete a listing where the content of the subject website is deemed, in the opinion of a 0AD1 editor, to be offensive, not in the global public interest, or generally in bad taste.

0AD1 will also not link to sites that:

  • Are under construction,
  • Do not serve the interests of a significant group of people,
  • Have poor/ amateur layout or design,
  • Have broken links,
  • Contain a large number of advertisements, and
  • Use pop-ups, pop-unders or any other obtrusive advertising.

Personal homepages or blogs will only be accepted in rare cases.

If you notice a website is included in this directory but contravenes our linking policy, please contact us at [email protected]

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