Privacy Policy

Our staff and all members follow these rules
We are very dedicated to you and your privacy as well.

Policy guidelines
0AD1 staff does not tolerate the use of spam or any unsolicited bulk email. We respect your privacy to the maximum. To further promote your safety, all members are required to read and follow this policy as well.

If we receive any complaints we will cooperate and investigate. Any violations of this policy will result in immediate account suspension. If a member is proven to have spammed, the members account will be permanently removed.

Anyone found to be using 0AD1 to spam will be liable for any expenses incurred by 0AD1 to reverse any actions taken by our ISP or other related services.

Any and all information we collect...
· will be kept strictly confidential
· will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned, or otherwise disclosed

Browser information
0AD1 collects and monitors website traffic logs to be able provide top of the line services. Our log system uses basic IP level tracking. We do not attempt to identify which member is associated with an IP address unless the address is committing a breach of our terms of use or privacy policy.

Use of cookies
0AD1 does use cookies at this time.

Links to any external websites not owned by 0AD1 do not apply to this privacy policy. We are not responsible for information or data collected outside 0AD1.

Policy changes
If and when our privacy policy is updated or changed, members will be notified by email with a link to this page. If you feel the updated policy does not suit you, you have the chance to be removed at anytime in your 0AD1 account.

Contacting us
If you need to contact us after reading our frequently asked questions database, please use the Contact Us link found on this site.

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